EVO 4G With FROYO, First Impressions and New Features

Today I turned on my EVO, and wouldn’t you know, “A system update is available for your phone”. The update, OTA Supersonic 3.26.651.6, is Android 2.2 Froyo, and mmmmmmm do I enjoy froyo. Lets take a moment to review the new features, shall we?

1) App Sharing

A cool new feature of Froyo is app sharing. Just select an app from the list and you can send it via Bluetooth, Facebook, Friend Stream, Gmail, Email, Messages, Peep, or Twitter. So far from what I’ve seen it just sends a link to the app that you open from your Android phone.

2) Flashlight

The new flashlight app is pretty handy, it turns your LED flash into an LED flashlight with three brightness settings. This feature is also accessible now while using the video camera.

3) Rotating Camera

(sorry, that is a picture of a Nexus One)
The camera now can rotate to any position you hold your phone, so instead of being stuck in the landscape left mode, you can hold it in normal portrait, landscape right, upside-down portrait, or the default landscape left.

4) Numeric PIN and Alpha-Numeric Password Unlock
You can now unlock your phone using a PIN number or password, but I want to keep the pattern unlock because it is much harder to guess if you are trying to break into my phone. Its too bad that you can’t have all three at one time.

5) Some Subtle Improvements
You may now sync events from Facebook to your calendar. I thought that this was already possible but I guess I’m mistaken. The FM Radio has a new UI, but it isn’t much different. The calculator is somewhat improved, as well as ringtone settings, messaging, search, and alarm settings.

6) App Storage on SD Card

You may now save apps directly or move installed apps to your sd card. It is just like installing the apps to your onboard memory but now you can have an infinite amount of memory by switching sd cards in and out and sharing apps with your friends.

7) Much Faster as a Whole

With Froyo, the EVO is now the fastest operating device using Android OS, and this is proved by the app Quadrant Standard. It isn’t quite noticeable but Quadrant Standard see’s a difference.

8) Full Flash 10x
It explains itself, the EVO has full Flash capabilities. It could have been possible with both the iPad and iPhone, but oh well Steve Jobs is too much of an idiot to understand the importance of this key necessity. Instead of downloading the Hulu app on your Apple device and waiting months to get an invitation to use it, just go to the Hulu website and the whole thing is accessible. How is that Apple, first you say that Flash is a thing of the past and now you realize that you can’t leave it behind just yet. It is the future and Apple will just have to stay with its old ways.

well there you have it, my first impressions of Froyo on the EVO. Stay tuned as I will post more in depth reviews with these features sometime in the near future, and as always thank you for reading AGRS Tech and News.

Nicolas Wiggins
AGRS Android Correspondent

One Response to “EVO 4G With FROYO, First Impressions and New Features”
  1. Jake Root says:

    I think he (Steve) is brilliant for recommending the most open standard of video playback. Tell me he didn’t revolutionize the phone industry. Guessing from that, I bet he could do the same for the playback industry. Besides, I’ve used Flash on my phone (iPhone and EVO), ehh. Not too bad, not great.

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