Dell Streak: Set up for failure??

This Friday the newest android phone in the world will come out!! not a big deal right? Well to Dell the maker of the all new Dell Streak this might as well be D-Day. The Streak has many features to help pull in potential buyers. Such as the 5MP camera with flash, 3G, 32 mico SD memory, later in the year the phone will get android 2.2, and google maps turn by turn navigation built in.
That is nice and all but it will cost you a whole bundle of 20 dollar bills. $299.99 with a 2 year contract or $549.00 with out a contract. Another Problem, the phone has gone to AT&T “The worlds slowest 3G network”. The Dell Streak is to big to be a cell phone but to small to be a tablet. The screen has a worse resolution than the iPhone and fits in your pocket like an elephant. Good luck selling this AT&T. Your gonna need it.

-Joel Pederson
AGRS Editor
Source: Tech News World


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