Leaked: HTC Mozart

Do you remember a couple days ago when I posted about the leaked HTC Schubert? Well this will look familiar
@HTC Motzart back view :) #WP7 on Twitpic
@HTC Motzart back cover taken off :) #WP7 on Twitpic
@HTC Motzart front view :) #WP7 on Twitpic
Yaksemash My Name Mozart on Twitpic
@HTC Motzart #WP7 live and kicking ass!!  on Twitpic
A Twitter user by the name Xmoo has got his hands on the top secret HTC Mozart, a new Windows Phone 7 that should be released around the holidays for quite possibly T-Mobile. I really like the look of this phone, it is made in an aluminum unibody enclosure that looks stunning. This phone definitely is a keeper, and hopefully we can get our hands on a copy of it too.

Nicolas Wiggins
AGRS Android Correspondent


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