Quick Hit: Asus Eee pad delayed, if you want Android that is

So, the Asus Eee pad has in fact been delayed. Only the Android version of the tablet however. The tablet has two versions. One, will run Windows Compact 7. The other, some unannounced version of Android. The price has also been announced. This 10 inch tablet will cost only $399. Which should make up for the extra 2 months of waiting android lovers will have to do. The Windows version is set to come out in January while the Android version will come in March.

Also in March Apple will begin to lower the price of the iPad and most likely come out with a newer, “better”, shiner version of Steves Pad. Much is to come in the exciting world of Tablets!

-Joel Pederson
AGRS Editor
Source http://www.liliputing.com

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