Event: James Cameron’s Avatar Special Edition In Theaters Aug. 27

James Cameron’s $2 Billion+ movie Avatar is making a return to select theaters August 27 2010. This normally would be a “oh that’s cool” except this version is the Special Edition, meaning that it has 9 extra minutes of finished footage (story) cut into it. Most of this footage was cut just before release of the 2009 version. And yes we can be sure that we will see the Tsu’tey death seen that hard-core Avatar fans (like my self) have been both wanting to see and dreading the moment we do see it. Avatar (2010) Special Edition should hit major IMAX and Real-D locations near you soon. For more information hit up the official Avatar movie page here. And here is the trailer which you probably just skipped to anyway.

Also for your hard core Avatar/Na’vi needs hit up LearnNa’vi.org and the forums.

Update: And because I keep getting this question. To all of you living in the Tacoma/Seattle area the Seattle Pacific Science Center IMAX is how the Special Edition Avatar in 3D you can get tickets here. For everyone else just check with your closest theater or check the IMAX web site (which for some reason is not always up to date).

Update: James Cameron on Attack of The Show

Update: Review of James Cameron’s 3D Camera on Gadget Pron — Watch till the end it is funny as hell.

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief

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