Root Your Droid, The Easy Way

Have you wanted your Droid, or any other Android phone rooted? Were you to lazy or scared to go down the hacker path and mess with code or boot managers? Well you might want to check out this rooting app from Unstable Apps. Below is a video from Revision3 talking about how to use this app. Two down side though, 1) The App is paid (though you choose your price anything from 99 cents to $5) 2) Unstable Apps’s site is currently down. It looks to be that they recived too much traffic for their plan and WordPress shut them down until they purchase more “resources”. You might be able to gram the QR code from the video but you won’t be able to pay for the app or get your activation code. So check back with Revision3 and Unstable Apps to see when this thing actually becomes available.

Sorry embed not working so hit up the source link for the video (Droid Life not Revision).

Source: Revision3
Via: Droid Life

IMG from TechnoBuzz

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief


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