Unlimited Mobile Broadband? Yes

You probably know what mobile broadband is, you have probably used a connect card or MiFi device. If you do then you also know the cellular providers charge an arm and a leg, and a foot for even just 5 GB of data a month, and overage charges might as well send you to bankruptcy. Well Virgin Mobile USA has decided enough is enough, and is changing the game with their new data plans, and were not just talking about the price. How much data can you get for about $40 bucks on you cellular provider? 1GB, 200 MB? If you are on Virgin you can get Unlimited data for $40 on a prepaid, no contract plan. No you really did read the right, Virgin will be offering $40 Unlimited (expires 30 days) plans and $10 100Mb (expires 10 days) plans. This was first reported by the guys over at IntoMobile and today confirmed on the Virgin Mobile USA Facebook page. The plans will replace existing $20, $40 and $60 monthly offerings that currently top out at just 5GB, so only those accustomed to paying $20 a month (for 300MB) won’t get a totally sweet deal, but the rest of us will. These amazing plans should go live on August 24th. Have fun.

Source: IntoMobile

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief


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