HTC Evo 4G – Occasional micro-USB Port Problems?

Well not to often do we have to report something bad about the HTC Evo 4G or HTC phones in general. Unfortunately here comes some bad news about Evo 4G. From looking over the forums around the internets it appears that a small number of HTC Evo 4G’s are experiencing problems with the micro-USB port. THe main issue is that device will no longer charge or charges only intermediately. Thats a big problem considering your lucky to a day of use from this phone. A HTC Spokesman says :he problem will be covered under the one-year warranty as long as “it is determined that the issue was not caused by customer misuse.” Anyone out there seeing this?. We hope this is resolved soon, and we will keep our eyes on this story for you.

Source(s): Engadget, HTC, Sprint

3 Responses to “HTC Evo 4G – Occasional micro-USB Port Problems?”
  1. video games says:

    There always seems to be some kind of problem!

  2. if your an iPhone 4 user, more than 1.

  3. “nothing is perfect” “no smartphone is perfect” I hate to say it but jobs is right, but in the evo’s case it is a close to perfect as you can get.

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