Dell Still plans to make Windows 7 Phone

For all you windows mobile 7 lovers (the few and far between) some good news is coming your way! According to Dells Matt Parretta who says

Any reports, or speculation, that report Dell will not support Windows Phone 7 are false… Microsoft announced Dell as a supporting partner at this year’s Mobile World Congress and nothing’s changed. We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7, and are looking forward to bringing customers amazing mobile experiences.

So far no release scheduals or pricing have been leaked. Don’t expect any leaks like their were from apple before the iPhone 4 launch. The company is being extreamly tight lipped about the whole project. Dell is the only big competitor left that plans to launch a windows 7 phone. The device itself called the “Dell Lightning” is a slider phone with a 4.1 inch Samsung screen, 1GHz snapdragon possessor, 512MB of ram, 1GB flash, 5MP camera, and on-board 8GB of storage (micro SD). Other capabilities include, GPS, FM radio, and the ability to connect with WLAN netowrks, The devise works both with DivX playback, Flash, and silverlight. In my opinon I still think it will fail at stirring up the market which will be flooded with Verizon iPhones, Blackberry torch’s, and some sort of AWESOME Android phone

-Joel Pederson
AGRS Editor
Main Source Site

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