Motorola Will NOT Update Leaked 2.2 For Droid X

Motorola posted a note up on their support forums warning all Droid X owners self upgrading to the leaked Android 2.2 build or any custom ROMS that’re out there — they’ll be cut off from the official upgrade when it hits in early September and potentially “stuck on the leaked version”. Normally this would be understandable, how ever when you couple this with the eFuse and the cease a desist letters, Motorola seems very unhappy with hackers or tweakers, a very Apple standpoint on a phone that is supposed to be about freedom and customization. So this that means this Droid does NOT do total customization. Contrast that with HTC, which is not only at peace with the hacking community, but even takes the initiative to resolve similar problems. Can we see a problem evolving here.

“Of course, no one would care about any of this if Motorola would just release stock Android builds for its devices as soon as they’re ready, but why learn that lesson when it’s possible to waste money developing Blur and adopting painfully annoying staggered OTA rollout schedules at the behest of carriers? That would just be silly.” Thanks Engadget could not have said it better my self. Motorola trust us you do not want to be a restrictive as Apple, we get enough complaints about Apple as it is, we do not need more.

Source(s): Droid Life, Motorola Support,
Via: Engadget

~Zephaniah Washington
AGRS Editor-in-chief.


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