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As with every September, Apple held their Music Event or as it was known this time Special Event. This one as with all the others was the answer to the cloud of rumors that builds starting just after the event and trails all the way to the next one. Ever since the iPod Touch was first announced people have wanted a camera on the thing. When iPod Touch generation 3 was rumored everyone thought for sure their would be a camera on this one (since we did not see it in generation 2). Well at that event we saw the Nano get a camera, which left the very blunt question in the tech world, WHY. And so the rumor continued to this event, but instead of just a camera on the back we began to see rumors of a front facing camera. Without further ado I would like to introduce iPod Touch FaceTime Edition (4th Gen). This edition of the iPod Touch is perhaps the best one yet in terms of size and features, The new iPod Touch is packing two cameras one front for FaceTime (initiated via email) and one on the back for HD video recording, and stills. The touch is also bring you the Retina Display that is so highly acclaimed by Apple and iPhone 4 users (like me). The device is also thiner (they are always getting thinner, someday it will only have 3 sides) than the previous version at 0.28 inches thick. Under the hood it is packing the A4 chip same as in the iPhone 4 and iPad, we will have a review of the device when it becomes available to us. In other keynote news, remember that Nano that got the camera? You do I know you do. In one of the most drastic changes to the iPod line, or any Apple product, well let me just show it to you. The new Nano is well, small. If you take the Nano and the new shuffle and put them nest to each other upside down you would not be able to tell them apart. The Nano now comes in a nice little square, along with the total absence of a click wheel…Wait no click wheel, how will I use this thing. Simple it has a touch screen (don’t cheer), this is proof Jobs hates buttons. In the keynote address Steve took and cut the click wheel section off the previous generation Nano (camera model), and then started to talk touch screen, hold right their cut the click wheel and put a touch screen and the device would be freaking awesome, hit play. Jobs does something radical, instead of leaving the screen long he uses his “magic” and turns it into a square with a clip and some super low end, appless version of iOS, to do anything on the new Nano you have to use multi touch gestures. Some of the gestures include swiping left and right, or using two fingers, or holding on a button till “jiggle mode” appears and moving icons around. This one is up to you to decide id you like it or not. This brings me to the shuffle, not really new at all. The shuffle is back with buttons but keeps the clip and square shape from to generations ago. The shuffle also has 2GB of storage and 15 hours of battery life. Contrast this with the new Nano which has 24 hours of battery life and 8/16GB of storage. I can not say pricing for the Nano is a nice as pricing for the shuffle, in fact they both could shave about $10 to $40 off respectively.
-Nano 8GB: $149.00
-Nano 16GB: $179.00
-Touch 8GB: $229.00
-Touch 32GB: $299.00
-Touch 64GB: $399.00
-Shuffle 2GB: $49.00

As for the pricing of these new devices, well I would say questionable. The price of the 8GB Touch is ok, the features are nice but for only 8GB of locked storage I would pay $129.00. as for the 64GB Touch costing $400 total rip off, you could get an iPhone for that (with contract). I feel the 64GB Touch is worth $370. Your best bet in the Touch line of iPod’s I would say is the 32GB iPod Touch, fair price at $299, it rocks FaceTime, HD video recording, still image capture, amazing Retina display, and enough storage for your music, movies and pictures. When we talk pricing for the shuffle I kind of laugh. Let’s be blunt, the shuffle at 2GB is worth about $29 bucks not $50, thats all I have to say about the thing. Nano, shave $20 bucks off and you have a deal. I personally would not buy one in the current state, if the screen have have been left long it would have been a very sexy device, and I would have purchased one, its up to you. I think we both know what product is best though.

One of the rumors for this event was the iTV, we can write that off as vapor ware. Instead the One more thinghobby announcement was the revamped Apple TV. IN all actuality this thing is awesome. Small, discrete, HDMI, no storage concerns, lower cost rentals, “not a computer”, streaming, Netflix, YouTube. The list alone sells the device. If you remember the Apple TV, it never really caught on. The price was too high at $229, rentals were too much at $4.99, the thing was rather large, hot, and it felt too much like a computer. Apple fixed all this, the new Apple TV is 1/4 the size of the original, rockin’ the black matt finish, and instead of syncing with your computer, and storage via HDD the new device streams and rents everything. This at first impression sounds like a turn off even though the set-top box only is $99.00. Let’s talk about the rental of movies. People want “Hollywood class” movies, they do not want to worry about storing them, the option is simple. The Apple TV will rent same day as DVD movies at first run for $4.99 the longer the film is out the lower the cost. Many people said they would not rent TV shows for $2.99 well neither would Apple, the new cost for an HD TV show rental is 99 cents, Yes I said sub $1 for HD. Lets talk HD real fast, the Apple TV now does all HD, which was thought to not happen. You also can stream not sync stream content from any Mac, PC, iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. This is achieved with now rebranded AirPlay. For more information on streaming check out the keynote here. Oh and one more thing, Netflix streaming, if you are a Netflix subscriber you may stream Netflix to your Apple TV for Free.
So what will this cost you $99, just thought I would say that again.

Also in the keynote was iTunes 10. I will have to use iTunes 10 before I can really give you my thoughts on it, but from the keynote it looks like this will be fairly nice. Elegant clean interface, when more than five songs from an album exist, artwork is used in-place of name, and “Ping” the social network for your music. This allows you to share music you like, follow anyone, have anyone follow you, or have select people follow you and create a “Circle of friends”. If a friend shares a song you can preview it, purchase it or view the album. You also can view concerts, let friends know you are attending that concert, and share photos. We also saw iOS 4.1 which comes out next week. With 4.1 brings the multi-player GameCenter app. We also saw the sneak peek at iOS 4.2 which will bring all the features of iPhone 4 and iOS 4.1 to the iPad. Also in 4.2 is wireless stream from iPad to Apple TV and Wireless Print to any printer you own via the Pages App. We will have more information and reviews of the keynote and products contained in it soon.

Source: Apple (keynote).

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