It’s Rumor Time!!

So, no one really like rumors. But sometimes they can be fun. After a pretty boring August (as far as the tech world goes) we are starting to get things rolling again! (ie. the apple press conference). So after thinking about it I decided to find the most likely to be true rumors out their and get some info on them. So here it is!

1. The HP Hurricane(aka PalmPad): “Project Hurricane” as it is called by HP

insiders is now said to be released in the first quarter of 2011. However HP has not released any specs or pricing.

2. Notion Ink Adam: The release of the Notion Ink will now depend on the FCC. The best case scenario could be November of 2010 or, the worst January 2011. (I hope november so I can buy it before the holidays!) Also, confermed by Notion, NVIDIA Tegra 3 will be on-Bord. Android gingerbread is likely but not for sure yet.

3. Verizon iPhone: So, nothing was mentioned about the Verizon iPhone at September 1st conference (not a surprise) but, Apple says it has a CDMA cell tower “on campus”. Expect that in 2011

Their you have it folks, good old fashioned tech gossip and facts all in one. Much more to come as the year closes up. Including a tablet review by myself. Once I get my hands on that Notion Ink!

-Joel Pederson
AGRS Editor

Sources: Hp Hurricane, Notion/ Verizon iPhone

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