QUICKT HIT: Toshiba Folio 100 – Preview – Thoughts

In terms of Android tablets, 7 inches is the norm, Toshiba does not play by the same rules with their Folio 100. The Folio was shown off at IFA today, the device’s design certainly looks nice, nice and plasticy. The Folio 100 feels kind of fragile where other smaller tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab) feel sturdy, this is because of this size. One advantage of using all plastic is that even though the device is about the same size as an iPad but longer, Toshiba is able to keep the weight down, this makes it a lot easier to hold while reading. Though we can’t say we want to one hand this, it feels like it would either snap in half or shatter if we dropped it. The real killer (as in death) feature in this device or not in this device is the Android app store, it does not have on, this may be because this tablet is still in beta, but at this rate it is looking like a large version of the Augen Gen Touch. The custom skin (if you can call it that) that Toshiba put over it appears to still be only partially operational, we would prefer they left it stalk Android. US citizens will probably not have to deal with this as there are currently no plans to offer it in the US, it should sell in Europe for about 399 euros. We will try to keep an eye out for this low quality tablet.

Source(s): IFA, Toshiba, Engadget.

~Zephaniah Washington


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