Leaked Acer Dual Screen Laptop – puts Libretto to shame.

Incase you haven’t noticed we do not really cover laptops, this one was just to good to pass up though, and we can’t really say that it is a laptop. Acer is currently testing a rig that put’s that small little Libretto to shame. From what we can tell from the pictures is it looks to be about a 14 inch rig, with two multi-touch display’s, and a custom UI blended into Windows 7. Lets talk the UI for a second, this thing looks like you might actually have a decent time typing on this. To us it seemed like it would be a bit of pain typing on the Toshiba Libretto because of how small the device was, with the larger screen there is more room for a simulated keyboard and from what we can tell in the pictures it is a nice one. it appears to be spaced out well with the Apple “chicklet” or “island” style keys. This seems to make typing easier on a simulated screen as any iPad owner knows though, you will typo a lot still.

According to the source the Acer device is running on a 2.67 Ghz Intel Core i5 CPU (likely a Core i5-580M), this means that the device should have the means to deliver decent productivity. At current we do not have a release date or a price, though you can expect it to be high. Also the source said the the system was still rather slow and buggy, we can bet that we will not be seeing a release of this device to market anytime soon. Of course the real question here is, how long will the batter life last? Rockin’ out to two (possibly 15 inch() multi-touch display’s with brightness up would seem to drain power and you would not want your computer dyeing while you are in the middle of a hardcore Powerpoint session on the power-hungry processor, would you? Tell us what your thoughts are on multi-touch screens replacing your laptop keyboard, feel free to leave a comment (must be registered on WP), or write a post on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Source: Tech Review Source.

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~Zephaniah Washington


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