AT&T Lineup Leaked – Galaxy Tab, Torch’s, WP7 – Merry Christmas

If you hate AT&T you might just hate this post. According to an Engadget tipster, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be sold at AT&T. Wait don’t worry, their are two pieces of good news. First, the Galaxy Tab on AT&T will ship prior to December (sweet spot for holiday shopping, feel free to buy me one) along with several other unnamed Android devices. Secondly if you think you won’t buy one of these because it is on AT&T do not worry. According to screen captures Verizon is truing employees on how to use and market the Tab and we should hopefully see an announcement or teaser from big red soon. Also if you like affordable data, do not forget about the leaked specs on the WiMax capable Galaxy Tab, we are not 100% percent sure on this one but we think we will see a Tab on Sprint. Quickly, on the BlackBerry side of things. According to the same tipster we should be seeing special red and black, and solid white BlackBerry Torches hitting AT&T just in time for Christmas.

Update: We will also be seeing a variety of Windows Phone 7 devices including the Samsung Cetus, it also looks as if a heretofore unheard of Samsung Focus and HTC Surround will be joining it. Better still, we’ve got it on good authority that three other WP7 handsets will be splashing down alongside those others in time for the holidays. Oh, the limited edition BlackBerry torches will also come in Olive Green, still no performance upgrades.

Source: Engadget.

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Zephaniah Washington

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