Droid Incredible to drop AMOLED by next month?

We have been hearing this rumor floating around for some time, and we believed it. According to a leak in Verizon, HTC will begin transitioning it’s Droid Incredible to Super Liquid Crystal Display technology (SLCD) from AMOLED. This transition from AMOLED to SLCD has already been made to the companies other phones such as the Desire and Nexus One. This change is slated but not confirmed by HTC for the end of September, that means that if you want to be sure to get an AMOLED display on your pending Droid Incredible purchase you should do so soon. Those that purchase after September are almost certain to be graced with SLCD when they turn on their new phone. Though it is a change it is nothing to worry about, SLCD is very sharp, in fact SLCD renders text and images with greater clarity than AMOLED the down side is that AMOLED has better color detail and is often brighter. For a full comparison of AMOLED vs SLCD (on the HTC Desire) you can check out this Engadget article. We will be continuing to cover this story as it evolves. Here is the official HTC reply to our contact.

“We haven’t announced any moves towards changing the Incredible display from AMOLED to SLCD.”

Source: Android Central.
Via: @Engadget (Twitter).

~Zephaniah Washington


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