Current Event: HTC Event Live [Update]

Hey do you like new smart phones, crowds of journalists and techies? Well than have we an event for you. Ok enough of the sells pitch. According to HTC, HTC will be hosting a special event in London in order to announce the new devices that they have “dreamt up”. Engadget will be live blogging the event while the west coast is sleeping, yeah sleeping, this event will begin at 4:00 AM PST, or 7:00 AM East Coast time (12PM British Summer Time or 1PM Central European Time. Incase you wanted to know). Our guess is that we will see both the Desire HD, Desire Z (G2 in the US), and possibly a preview of the yet unnamed HTC PD42100 for Verizon, but we doubt it.

Update: We’ve enhanced the image to reveal the hint of a handset hidden inside the smoke, it looks a lot like the Desire HD but HTC likes to repeat designs. We will also post the Engadget live blog link when it becomes available.

Source(s) HTC, Engadget.

Update: Live.

Update 2: And thats it, were all done here. Thoughts to come with in the next few days. Here are the two release we really care about, We saw the Desire HD which is a thinner version of the EVO no word on if it will hit the US though the EVO and HD are almost the same, we also saw the Desire Z which in the US is known as the G2.

~Zephaniah Washington


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