First Look: HTC Desire HD – Update [Video]

Hey Europe, wish you had an EVO, you do don’t you? Well now you can get the the HTC Desire HD, the phone use Americans wish we had. So lets take a look. First up the Screen. This phone is packing in an eye-bursting 4.3 inch LCD screen, which means it is exactly the same as the EVO here in the US. When we talk about the body though that is where the change is. The Desire HD is wrapped in a nice black aluminum and plastic body. The processor is a nice and snappy 1GHz 8255 Snapdragon processor, and when it comes to pictures you can find your self capturing that sunrise with stunning 8 MP and dual LED flash, for you video recorders feel free to capture that funny stunt your friend just did in full 720p. Dolby Mobile, and HSPA+ data with 802.11n WiFi are also included at launch. It’s also one of the first HTC devices to feature the enhanced HTC Sense experience with services, which will allow you to back up your HTC phone, track it, or remote wipe the device. Europe should see this phone sometime in October.

Source(s): HTC, Engadget (1), (2).

CNET video of both Desire HD and Desire Z:

~Zephaniah Washington


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