First Look: HTC Desire Z (G2). [Video]

If you remember the T-Mobile G1 and think the G2 (or Desire Z in Europe) is not going to be anything to talk about, than well you are dead wrong. The Desire Z takes a step away from the usual Android phone design, the Desire Z is almost 100% metal, this phone looks amazing. Perhaps one of the most awesome things on this phone that will keep us talking for some time is the QWERTY. This phone has very responsive keys that are far more spacious than the image portrays them to be. This phone also has one of the most accessible top rows in the land of QWERTY. In terms of software we are looking at Android 2.2 with HTC Sense UI (newest version with layered over, making this one of the nicest looking phones and easiest to use. If you are worried about the hinge that this phone uses to release the keyboard don’t be. This hinge will not slide open in your pocket and break off, this “Z” hinge (hence the name Desire Z) is very sturdy and requires quite a bit but not too much pressure to slide out the keyboard, and once you do you will notice the satisfying spring action, pop open. pop close, it is that simple. The Desire Z also has one of if not the fastest start-up times, it is unbelievably fast.

Source(s): HTC, Engadget.

Boot time is about 4 seconds:

~Zephaniah Washington

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