Samsung Galaxy Tab News Montage

Samsung has once more stolen the hearts of all four of the US’s major cellular carriers with its Galaxy Tab. That’s right, just as we speculated the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be on AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and yes T-Mobile. Ok we did not think that it was going to be on T-Mobile but hey, cheaper data rates right? Samsung still refuses to release and exact date of launch though they did say in time for the holiday season, this leads us to believe October/November time frame. The other thing that Samsung left out of their little event was the pricing, this is most likely because all four carriers have not made a final decision (We do know that the keyboard dock will cost $100 and the desktop dock $50).

Features and Specs:
Here is what we know about the Galaxy Tab for the US. The Galaxy Tab is a 7 inch 3G Android 2.2 tablet. In simple it is the same as the one shown off at IFA. The screen on the Tab is a 1024 x 600 WSVGA resolution display partnered with two cameras one front facing for video chat which is unfortunately WiFi only, and one rear for video and photo capture. Also the Touch Wiz interface that Samsung uses on its Android devices will be “slightly tweaked” for the stateside market and the music and book hubs will not be included, a replacement will be a Samsung Media Hub which should have TV shows and movies from MTV Networks, NBC, Paramount, Universal Studios, and Warner, with more to be announced, this content can be rented and purchased. Purchased content can be shared with up to five devices. What’s not specified is pricing. This Media Hub will work with the Tab and Galaxy S devices. Samsung also has kept the social networking apps from the European version on the US Tab. There will also be preloaded carrier apps — for instance, AT&T’s version will come with its Connection Manager. We can hope that Verizon will not cripple the Tab by putting Bing as the default on it like they did with the Fascinate.

For all of you who were hoping to snag the Galaxy Tab on Sprint and trample others with 4G data you can for get it. The Galaxy Tab on Sprint will still be restricted to 3G data speeds.

Also in related bad news, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will lose its voice capabilities when it hits the US. We do not really know why you would need them but they are rather handy and cool. This also means that the two-year carrier contract you will have to sign to get the Tab is even more of a let down and less justifiable, I for one would have loved to ditch my expensive iPhone data plan down to 200MB and just use the Tab for both calls and data, shoot I might have even just used it as my phone. Of course if you do not want a contract you can get the WiFi only version that we have next to no information on.

Wrap Up:
No matter the bad news we can still say that we are stocked for this thing. This is arguably the best tablet you will get in 2010 and probably 2011, with the fact that it is on every carrier in the US, a great screen, the portability, and if the carriers don’t screw it up all the data you can use for your money (minus AT&T we know how they are and we can be sure to see tired data). From our first looks at this device we can strongly recommend buying this Tab.

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~Zephaniah Washington

One Response to “Samsung Galaxy Tab News Montage”
  1. bobakimbo says:

    No voice capabilities is an absolute deal killer! What are they thinking? It’s like developing the ultimate athlete, and then breaking both of his kneecaps right before sending him on the field.

    I’ve been waiting for this as a replacement for my iPhone and netbook. An all-in-one device with a screen large enough to usefully VCN to my home computer, read books, magazines, email, and surf. Plus voice capabilities and texting. The perfect device. Why would Samsung cripple it? I know people are saying it’s too big for a phone. It’s not that big! You can very comfortably hold it in one hand. Phones are getting bigger, and in a couple years, everyone will have a phone with a 5-7″ screen. And I’m sure Samsung knows about these things called bluetooth headsets.

    I’m tired of carrying around two devices, and I won’t be paying for two plans.

    I also understand that video conferencing will be WiFi only… no 3G! Samsung has completely lost it’s mind. Samsung, I hope you’re listening. You’ve just cut your potential market in half. The Dell Streak is a little too small for me, but it will have to do for now.

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