Best Buy Selling DROID Incredible with SLCD and 2.2

HTC has been long plagued by AMOLED display shortages. Earlier this month we reported that HTC would be shipping SLCD Droid Incredible’s to Verizon and other retailers (Best Buy) and anyone purchasing a Droid Incredible late September and any time after that is almost guaranteed to get SLCD. Droid-Life is reporting that Best Buy already has the SLCD Droid Incredible in stock and it is already running Android 2.2 (Froyo). The SLCD (Super Liquid Crystal Display) incredible will ship and arrive to stores on a stock level basis. If you think that this is a reason not to purchase the phone than you will be missing out on a great device. SLCD is a march sharper image however colors are not as vibrant as they are on the AMOLED version, they still do look great though. You can identify an SLCD version of the Incredible by looking for this SKU number on the bottom of the box “ADR6300VW3”. Tell us what you think of the change in the comments below.

Source: Droid-Life.

~Zephaniah Washington


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