Droid 2 to be ousted. Twas a short life.

If you just purchased the Droid 2 on Verizon, you have to right to well you know..go nuclear by the end of this article. According to the BGR (Boy Genius Report) the Droid 2 on Verizon may have a very short life span, you know Kin short. If you look at the shot above you can see the Droid line up from Verizon, but if you look at the Droid 2 you will see some “choice” words below, “while supplies last”. This is not the post you want to read if you purchased this phone 31 days ago, as it appears that Verizon will drop the Droid 2 in favor of a slightly upgraded Droid 2 Global edition which we speculated on a month or two back. This really does not make sense considering how much fan fare the Droid line has gotten, but I guess the fact that their was no real massive Droid 2 launch party for this phone, we should have known. I guess everyone has the right to pull an iPhone 1G oh wait that was just a price cut. Droid 2 owners, feel free to go have a riot in front of your local VZW.

Droid 2 owners, have any thoughts you might want to share? Leave them in the comments.

Source: BGR.
Via: Droid-Life (that is awkward isn’t it).

~Zephaniah Washington

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