Leaked: Droid Pro/World Edition On Camera?

Remember those rumors that leaked about two months ago on the Droid Pro or the Droid World Edition, which are one in the same? Well it looks like we may finally be able to see the Droid Pro (our choice title). The picture above is believed to be of the Droid Pro, if you looked quick you might just think that someone painted a Droid 2 white, the internals area little different though. First up it is believed that the Droid Pro has a OMAP3630 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz where as the Droid 2 only uses the standard 1GHz, also this phone supports SIM cards for use out of country on GSM networks hence the World Edition title that may be used in place of Droid Pro. This all sounds great unless you own a Droid 2. It is strongly believed that the Droid Pro will be replacing the Droid 2 which has only been out for about a month. If this is right then we are about to see one of the quickest product revisions in smart phone history, and we agree with Engadget ” let’s hope Verizon has the decency to put some sort of upgrade program in place for early adopters.” For your sake, if you are planning on purchasing a Droid 2 or are walking into a VZ store now you may want to hold off for a few weeks to see what happens. We are reaching out to Verizon for comment and we will keep updating this story as information becomes available. Droid 2 owners, let us know what you think of all this in the comments.

Source: Droid-Life (1), (2).

~Zephaniah Washington

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