Sprint Considering Ditching Unlimited Data don’t get too “crazy”.

Sprint has been a pretty popular option for AT&T users that are tired of capped data as Sprint offers unlimited data at a decent amazing price. Sprint’s CEO Hesse is considering dropping unlimited data if users get too crazy with data use (yeah you know who you are). Hesse stated at the Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT that Sprint “can offer unlimited as long as the usage is reasonable,” this suggests that a few (relatively speaking) overly heavy users could crash the party for us all. So for all of us that are planning on switching to Sprint, please lay off the Netflix and tormenting via wireless tether please. Oh and Sprint if you do go to capped data, please give reasonable prices for reasonable caps. My 200Mb on AT&T does not get much, how about 8GB for $20 and 12Gb for $30/month. Tell us what you think of as “reasonable” data rates in the comments.

Source: Engadget.

~Zephaniah Washington

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