Another Storm? Why?

Surprise, surprise!! Not to say I told you so (but I did) Blackberry has done it again. They have made (most likely) a new successor to their storm device. Creatively titled “Storm 3″.

RIM is really wearing me out. All these new devices flooding the blackberry market in such close time. Bluntly, this is a storm with a new paint scheme. However, some are saying that a new O.S. is coming along with the storm. Which, coming from Blackberry is not much. Also, the device has the ability to make a mobile hot spot like the HTC Evo. This phone is on a crash course with failure. Unless you want a new Storm with Blackberry OS 6 don’t waste your money. More to come as we find out more.

-Joel Pederson
AGRS Editor
Sources: San Francisco Examiner, Crackberry, Mobile Crunch, Engadget

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