APCIU Air France flight 296

APCIU Air France flight 296

Air France Flight 296 crashed during an airshow in France the Airbus A320-111 was, a state of the art fly-by-wire aircraft meaning the plane had special computers to keep it working properly. As the plane was descending over the runway, the captain saw the forest and brought the throttles to maximum power but the engines responded 4 seconds after he gave the command, when the captain pulled the control column back the nose did not raise up, it started to go down. My Investigation has revealed that the plane could have most likely went into an anti-stall mode, which is to put the nose down to get an airflow under the wings. The plane scraped the forest due to the engines not responding on time and because of this mysterious nose down problem. The APCIU has come to the conclusion that the black boxes, presented in court to convict captain Asseline were different than the black boxes recovered from the crash site. We also believe Airbus industries it not at fault. They did send out a warning about the airbus A320 engine delay problem.

Air France is, in the APCIU’s eyes the one at fault for not alerting pilots about the forest on the map and the engine delay notice. The airline did not adequately train the pilots nor did they inform the pilots about the various notices and information regarding the aircraft flight plan and the aircraft itself.

APCIU Lead investigator

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