Zephaniah Washington

Profile: I am the editor-in-chief of AGRS. AGRS is reformed, remade Average Guy Reviews Stuff. A very small a very unproductive blog I started way back when. I began writing and working on the LearnNavi forums and one of their blogs and that prospered. When Android and rumors of the iPad (or at the time iSlate) became large and my friends got tired of listening to me voice my thoughts on the two I restarted Average Guy Reviews Stuff, tired of mulling over the same old site I relaunched as "[AGRS] Tech and News Blog" (later dropping the brackets around the AGRS). AGRS as it is known now started to dwindle as I was finishing up a school year and some of the frantic googlers calmed down their searches for iPad reviews. I sort of began to just write about random Apple news I found on Twitter. A few weeks after that my, at the time new friend Nicolas Wiggins joined the team of one (now three). He wrote some news on Android and almost over night views actually jumped over 10 and only continued to rise. With Nicolas's help we quickly began breaking Android news and doing it with passion. That is what I like most about AGRS and Nicolas every story we cover every QUICK HIT we do, is always done with a love for tech and love for writing. With continual growth of the site we decided to bring on Joel, younger than the both of us, he has a strong passion for RIM and HP making him our resident expert of the two companies. WIth out Joel I think we would still just be talking about Apple and Android news, probably would not have even mentioned the HP Slate. So a relaunched site, with 3 guys who only kind of know what we are doing, we will do our best to bring you passionate tech news. We will only get better with age. A continued bio can be found here.

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